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Jonathan Krackehl was one of the creators, and co-founder of It's Relevant when it launched in January of 2011. He was appointed President & CEO of It's Relevant in January of 2012, and currently directs its strategy, design, audience development, and strategic partnerships. His love for entertainment and retail events shine through in his editorial contributions.

Jonathan has a long background in creative production and marketing for interactive and mobile media. Before developing the look, feel and functionality of It's Relevant's web and mobile platforms, he founded the out-of-the-box entertainment program, Real Magic TV, that created original content and fan interactions, attracting millions of online viewers.

Jonathan has long been recognized as an leading innovator in the digital space. He has been called upon to produce original programming for the Fuse TV network that reached 44+ million homes, by Apple to be one of the first-ever iPhone applications to be featured on, by YouTube/Google to help pilot and become one of YouTube's very first content partners, and by Hulu to be one of their first independent content providers. His productions are regularly seen around the world on,,,, Tivo, XBOX, Playstation and more.

Jonathan has also been tapped by trade publications including "Mix Magazine" for his expertise on optimizing concert video/audio for web delivery, and by Walmart during the creation of their online music series, "Soundcheck". His unique marketing plans have spurred partnerships with companies like Sony and Flip Video/Cisco, in which Jonathan created buzz around products for audiences in the 16-24-year-old age group.