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State Looks to Ban Powdered Alcohol

Many local liquor stores refuse to sell it

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Norwalk, CT | Added on May 22, 2015 At 06:00 PM

The House of Representatives voted Monday to ban the sale of powered alcohol within the state of Connecticut, but it hasn't seemed to affect any local liquor stores. 

"I think it's legitimate that they banned it," said Rich Dunn, Ninety 9 Bottles manager. 

Powdered alcohol, otherwise known as "palcohol" is freeze-dried vodka, rum, and other drinks contained in small packets that can be added to water. Since the sale of powered alcohol was approved by the federal government in March, many states have already responded by enacting bans. Legislators fear, powdered alcohol, which has become of popular use among teenagers can be easily smuggled into concerts or school without detection.  

Michael Berkoff, CEO of BevMax Liquor stores says BevMax will take part in the powdered alcohol ban.

"Based on what we have read of the abuse factor of teenagers falling into their hands will be much greater and it's much harder to track then liquid alcohol," said Berkoff. 

"Even adults could bring it to work concealing it in their coffee or other non-alcoholic beverages," said Dunn. 

And although it's not a law yet it Connecticut, but it could be one soon.

Reports show the House voted 143-2, with six members absent, to ban the product as of Oct. 1. The bill, which was approved previously by the Senate, will go to Gov. Malloy for his signature.

The majority local liquor stores in do not sell it.  

"We do not carry powdered alcohol," said Berkoff. "It hasn't been available yet in the state of Connecticut, and if it is available we will not be carrying it." 

"I'm not familiar with the product," said Rich Dunn, Ninety 9 Bottles manager. "I haven't had a demand for the product. No distributers have brought it by to show it to me, so I don't really know much about it." 

Al Vertucci, manager at Al's Warehouse in Norwalk commented, "It can be linked to very dangerous stuff, like over consumption. There are plenty of other alcohol products in the market."

Bans have already been enacted by Vermont, South Carolina, Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, Utah and Virginia, and several other states. 


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