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Kelly Straniti Begins Mayoral Campaign in Norwalk

Norwalk native wants to make residents' voices heard

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Norwalk, CT | Added on April 11, 2015 At 04:36 PM

"I'm Kelly Straniti and I'm running for mayor."  

The Norwalk Republican Town Committee announced Norwalk native Kelly Straniti will begin her campaign as the prospective mayoral candidate for the city. 

"I see people in our town struggling, people out of work, not enough job opportunities, struggling to keep a roof over their heads," said Straniti. "These are things that are important to me because I too have struggled. I too have faced adversity and I overcame adversity, never giving up on myself and never giving up in the town I live in." 

Supporters and members of the committee joined Straniti, her son and husband at the Norwalk Inn Saturday morning. 

"We're forming a committee, but Kelly is not technically the nominee until the convention in July, but I see her as the contender vying for this position for the Republican party," said Republican Town Committee chairman Peter Torrano. "I don't see anyone else stepping forward. Certainly we have a woman with incredible credentials, a great background, a story to tell, just a wonderful person." 

Straniti was born and raised in Norwalk, served as minority leader and majority leader on Norwalk Common Council from 2005 to 2011, and has ran her own business as a paralegal since 2004. 

"During my tenure on the council I consistently voted for prudent budgets that kept property taxes low while at the same time enhance our public and community spaces and improved our infrastructure," said Straniti.

"It's key that we get our redevelopment projects moving forward, especially Wall Street, it's one to the things I've heard most from people," Straniti added.   

"I think some things that did comes across in her council years is she's a very compassionate person and people don't realize that about her," said Common Council member Douglas Hempstead. "When she's driven to do something, she focuses in and gets it done and that's one of the key ingredients to any success, be it legislature or mayors is being able to focus in and follow through."  

After having her son while in high school, Straniti admits, like many in Norwalk, she has gone through hardship, struggling to make ends meet. As mayor she says she'll fight to help to keep those in similar situations pursuing the American dream in Norwalk. 

"We need to engage all members of the community," said Straniti. "From what I'm hearing, people are feeling like they're left out and their voices aren't heard. Part of my campaign is also going to be a listening tour, to go out and see what do people want to see different in this town, what can I do to help." 



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