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New Research Finds Another Reason to Shop Organic

Higher levels of antioxidants found in organic food

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Stamford, CT | Added on August 06, 2014 At 11:01 PM

It’s the season for farmers markets and a recent study will likely give you a new reason to check one out.

 "Organic – you know what’s in it.  You know there’s no pesticides, no insecticides, no herbecides – it’s just the taste," explained Adam Mantzaris.

For many foodies here at a market in Darien, CT, where food comes straight from the farm to the table, the benefits behind organic seem like no brainer. But still, the high price tag paired with organic foods could be keeping many of us away.

 Well,  new information out from the British Journal of Nutrition may change that for you.

“This study is actually telling us there is an advantage in that. There are more antioxidants and that’s money – it’s not a pill, it’s an apple, it’s an orange,” explained Dr. Joe Feurestein of Stamford Hospital.

 When it comes to organic food, one thing you will notice is the color.  Take these cherry tomatoes: You will notice they are bright and red – Well, that’s the easiest way to show these foods are high in antioxidants.

 “So why is this important? The reason why this is important is that the underlying progression – the underlying cause of heart disease and cancer is inflammation,” continued Dr. Feurestein.

 Inflammation – it’s normally a benefit within our immune systems, helping the body fight infections or heal. But, sometimes inflammation can have the opposite affect.  Oxidation can occur from the process, forcing our bodies to create free radicals, destructive to our health.

"The body is able to counteract this oxidative stress.  It counteracts that with these amazing chemicals found in fruits and vegetables," said Dr. Feurestein.

So, should you necessarily go out and buy all organic? Well here’s some relief to your wallet. The amount of antioxidants is easy to control: You can easily eat two conventional apples to get that magic number.

But Dr. Feurstein says the real worry is the pesticides.  He links them to obesity and high cholesteral, and he says one age group in particular  should stay away.

“I think kids especially should eat organic,” he said.

 Dr. Feurstein suggests you check out a shopping guide available online, called the "Dirty Dozen". It’s published by the Environmental Working Group, and through this list you can learn the best foods to buy organic. 


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