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New lasers in medicine becoming popular treatment

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Stamford, CT | Added on May 20, 2014 At 09:57 PM

Many Americans are waking up with pain, whether that be stiffness in their joints or any other general body ache.  For a while, there wasn’t much of a long term cure. But more recently, there’s been a go-to-treatment.

“So you can see here : That’s where the laser is treating right now and I don’t feel a thing," explained Dr. Amy O'Donnell with the laser.

Here at Dr. Amy O’Donnell’s office in Stamford, lasers are used to treat everything from arthritis to muscle pain to even tendon and ligament injuries.

"Then if I want to increase the activity, I'll move the elbow and the wrist," she pointed out.

She calls it one of the most advanced lasers in the industry, praising the laser’s ability to reduce inflammatation and pain at the same time.

"It can be a dull and achy pain, which prevents them from getting up and doing their daily living or their chores and exercising.  So, I would say most people want to get better fast and I also treat people with chronic pain as well," she said. 

 Lasers are popping up all over medicine and it’s largely due to their ability to treat an infected area in a non invasive way.  This laser in particular uses both continuous light and pulsed light therapy, which Dr. O’Donnell says leads to better and faster resuts.

"You cannot be burned.  You don't feel anything.  There are no side effects.  The contraindications would be obviously you wouldn't use it over a pregnant woman's abdomen, over a known cancerous lesion and you wouldn't use it on a growth plate of child - other than that it's completely safe," she said.

It’s a treatment divided into a number of sessions, each costing anywhere form 115 to 150 dollars. Some patients with an acute condition see an improvement in as a little six sessions, while a more chronic condition could takeup to 12 sessions.

"It's very quick, it's easy and more importantly there's no pain.  And, it heals very fast, I think, said one patient.

Suffering from Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis in both feet, Kirsten Macdonald was no longer able to exercise and go about her daily routine.   

 "So, I was really open for anything and of course my first question was does it hurt - and no it doesn't.  So, I went along with it and I was very happy I did," she said. 

 Now, while the laser is FDA approved, the cost is still not covered by insurance.  And that leaves the high price tag on the patient.






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